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About the Internet portal

The National Educational Internet Portal is a modern information and educational resource that:

- is designed to provide a comprehensive (information, scientific and educational, consultative) support to all participants of the educational process at the levels of preschool, general secondary and special education;

- is aimed at creating conditions for a multi-vector communication of teachers, pupils, their legal representatives, as well as education authority specialists, additional adult education system specialists, community representatives, etc .;

- is intended to provide an equal access to quality education services.

The National Educational Internet Portal is an open tool of accumulation and use of scientific, scientific and educational, practice-oriented and other kinds of information necessary for the organization of the educational process and its management in educational institutions.

The main principles of its creation and development are:

- democracy and collegiality (equal participation of all actors of the educational process in preparation, discussion and use of software and methodological support, presented on the internet portal; bringing together all stakeholders for creation and development of a network education community through the active use of modern communication technologies);

- centralization and consistency (in terms of accumulation, selection, expert evaluation of educational resources; content preparation for placement on the internet portal; periodicity and timeliness of updating materials in all sections / segments of the internet  portal);

- informative and innovation value (including implementation of modern educational technologies; focus on the dialogical type of communication; constant reference to high-tech resources and teaching means, communication tools, etc.);

- openness (free, but authorized access to all internet portal resources);

- easy navigation and friendliness of the information environment;

- continuous monitoring of the functioning of the internet portal.

The National Educational Internet Portal is an effective means of forming the image of preschool, general secondary and special education of the Republic of Belarus.

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